About Showroom / Vesta Home

Showroom Inc., through its subsidiary Vesta Home, is a vertically integrated luxury design and home staging company currently operating in Southern California. We are working to disrupt the home furnishing value chain by offering a full service solution to the real estate industry. We begin pre-development, offering our developer clients a full suite of interior design services. Pre-listing, we custom design and manufacture furniture which we use to stage the homes. Post-sale, we lease and sell our custom furniture to new occupants, to whom we also offer a full suite of interior design and custom manufacturing services. Additionally, we work with buyer’s agents and high-end multi-families to offer furnished rentals. In so doing, we erase the overhead and customer acquisition costs of traditional retail/e-retail, which allows us to pass on tens of thousands of dollars in savings to our clients. In two years of operations we've designed over 1200 homes representing almost $6.5 billion in residential real estate. Our success is predicated on our proprietary design management software, deep focus on analytics, an advanced supply chain and sophisticated logistics organization.

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